Week 3 Africa

Hujambo and Welcome to Africa!

Africa Facts

Native to Africa

Africa is home to a ton of diverse wildlife, much of which is found nowhere else on earth! 1,100 species of mammal and over 2,600 species of bird are found on the continent.

The Nile River

The Nile River is not just the longest river in Africa but in the world at 4,132 miles long! Stretching from the north of Egypt through most of Sudan. The Nile is one of the things that contributed to Egypt being an ancient superpower. Providing fertile land and trade routes.

Worlds Oldest University

University of Karueein was founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco. It is still in use today.

Africa is a Land of Many Countries

Africa is a very big centonate broken up into 54 different countries. That would almost be like if in the United States each state was its own county.

Africa is a Land of Just as Many Languages!

It’s estimated that there are 2,000 different languages. If you spread that evenly across all the countries of Africa that would be about 38 languages a country!

Lion King and its Native names

Did you know most of the character’s names in the Disney Movie The Lion King are actually words from the Swahili language? Swahili is spoken by the Swahili people of Africa
Simba: Lion
Nala: Gift
Mufasa: King
Sarabi: Menashe
Rafiki: Friend

Animal of the Week: Okapi

Part zebra, part giraffe, part weird, the okapi is one of Africa’s most unique and interesting animals. Okapi lives on grass, fruit, fungi, and leaves in the dense forests of the Republic of Congo. In fact, this is the only place in the world they can be found. Okapi is in the Giraffidae family and is actually the only living relative to giraffes. Much like giraffes, they have long tongues so long they can touch their ears. Their tongues measure between 14 and 18 inches long. They use these extraordinary tongues to strip branches of their leaves.


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