Week 1 Australia

G’day Mate & Welcome to Australia!

Australia Facts

Native to Australia

Native vertebrate animal species (animals with backbones) total 7,358 in Australia. That’s mammals, fish and birds

Australia’s First People

Australian indigenous people often referred to as Australia’s first people are called Aborigines and makeup two percent of the population today.


Boomerangs were created by Aboriginal people to hunt kangaroos.


About 70% of Australia is outback, and 35% is dessert. The outback is unpopulated arid areas taking over most of Australias interior. 

The 6 States of Australia

Australia is boken up into 6 States.

Do the Crime Do the Time in Australia

From 1788-1868 if you committed a crime bad enough in England you would likely be sent to Australia for your sentence. England sent more than 160,000 convicts to Australia.

Animal of the Week: Quokkas

Sure you’ve heard of kangaroos and koalas but have you ever heard of a Quokkas? Early Dutch settlers mistook these cuties for large rats. They are actually a type of marsupials like kangaroos and koalas. However, are much smaller growing to about the size of a cat. They eat the leaves, stems, and bark of many plants as well as grasses. Like camels, they store up fat in their bodies in case they need to go long periods without food. That’s right camels store fat in their hump, not water and quokkas store their fat in their tails. Watch the video below to learn more about these adorable marsupials only found in Australia and learn how social media has actually helped them thrive.


Craft Time!

Learn how to make your own didgeridoo just like a native Australian!

Click here to learn!

Learn how to throw a Boomerang like a pro!


Don’t miss out on this week’s Around the World Adventure. Learn about Australian animals, do Aborigebes crafts, partake in fun activities and get your passport stamped!